At SBG Kalispell, our competitive Judo program trains kids and adults to become disciplined and well-rounded martial artists. With the expertise of Judo Black Belt Coach Sean Saadi some of our students go on to compete in judo tournaments across the country. But before our students become judokas, they become practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

For the first 6 months on the mats, adult students learn the techniques that will give them a strong foundation to start their martial arts training. In BJJ Foundations, students build a solid foundation for their martial arts training and learn how to be safe and respectful training partners. Once they receive their first jiu jitsu stripe, then they are invited to our Combat Athlete program, where they learn how to apply their training to live sparring.

The kids start in our Growing Gorillas Kids Martial Arts program developing the discipline, confidence, and resilience to be successful on and off the mats. They engage in rigorous exercise that helps them stay strong and develop healthy habits. Growing Gorillas complete life skills homework that builds their character and teaches them responsibility, integrity, courage, and kindness so that they can become great leaders and role models.

Whether you train competitively, recreationally, or for self-defense, Judo is a great tool to have for your martial arts game. All fights start standing, and the emphasis on controlled takedowns will give you a significant advantage over your opponent. The same is true for the kids who train in our martial arts programs. The kids who excel in jiu jitsu often succeed in our Judo classes.

SBG Judo classes are a place where youth and adults can expand their passion for martial arts. When combined with a strong jiu jitsu practice, Judo skills can make you a well-rounded and formidable martial artist.

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