Brazilian jiu jitsu students at SBG Kalispell each have their reasons for training. Most people love BJJ because it’s a great way to stay in shape and have fun. Some people train at a competitive level, and others love the challenge of the grappling arts. Other students, such as women and law enforcement officers, train jiu jitsu for self-defense. No matter your reason for stepping on the mats, setting the right goals will make your BJJ training a success!

Overall goals. What made you want to step on the mat for the very first time? What motivates you to show up to class? You will have days when you don’t feel like training, and you will look for excuses for skipping class. New students sometimes find it challenging to make this new activity a priority. Having a clear purpose in mind will push you through those tough days.

Short-term goals. What would you like to accomplish in the next 6 months or a year? Do you want to lose weight or compete in your first tournament? Are you working on a particular submission, or are you simply trying to get more time on the mat? If you’ve set a goal to lose weight, then training for a tournament can motivate you to stick to your diet and train consistently. Set short-term goals that serve as milestones for your overall goal.

Daily goals. No matter what your goals you set for yourself, training consistently will help you reach them. Make your BJJ training schedule one of your top priorities. Show up to class on time and consistently, and you will make significant gains in your jiu jitsu! Whatever your BJJ goals are, our programs at SBG Kalispell can help you get there! To schedule your free consultation, simply fill out the form below!

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Recap Of The SBG Montana Sumit

SBG Montana recently held its inaugural Montana Summit in Kalispell from June 14th to 16th, drawing over 70 members from its six locations across the state. The event was a resounding success, featuring intensive Jiu Jitsu instruction led by black belt gym owners from Missoula, Whitefish, Bigfork, Bozeman, and Kalispell.

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Montana Summit Jiu Jitsu seminar in Kalispell, Montana on June 14th-16th

SBG Montana has announced that it will be hosting the Montana Summit Jiu Jitsu seminar in Kalispell, Montana on June 14th-16th. The weekend will kick off Friday night with open mat sessions at the Bigfork, Kalispell and Whitefish gyms. On Saturday and Sunday training sessions will be taught by the head coaches from 5 Montana SBG locations; Coach Gus Nolte from SBG Missoula, Coach Cody Bessette from SBG Bigfork, Coach Daniel DiStefano from SBG Whitefish, Coach Travis Davison from SBG Kalispell and Coach Ricky Davison from SBG Bozeman. There will also be a section for kids taught by Coach Cody Bessette, with the other head coaches assisting and a Ladies-Only section taught by Coaches Stella Davison and Leah Stumpf. A gym social will take place at Black Rifle Coffee on Saturday evening at Black Rifle Coffee in Downtown Kalispell. Members can register for this event at their home gym’s front desk!

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Smashing Success At Gorilla Cip XXI

On May 4, 2024 SBG’s Gorilla Booster Club hosted the Gorilla Cup XXI at Bigfork High School. The Gorilla Cup is a Jiu Jitsu tournament only for SBG members that is held twice a year to raise funds for the Gorilla Booster Club 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The Gorilla Booster Club raises travel funds for Straight Blast Gym’s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Competition Team (ages 5 & up) so they can participate in high-level tournaments throughout the Northwest. The Gorilla Booster Club was formed in 2012 to help “level the playing field” for Montana’s competitors. The GBC donates money to each participant for travel expenses & registration costs.

The Gorilla Cup XXI was a record smashing success with more funds raised and participants than ever before. 280 competitors from six Montana SBG locations filled the mats and raised over $18,000 for the Gorilla Booster club. Funds come from event registration, spectator entrance fees, donated baked goods and concession sales and t-shirt sales and the event is run by volunteers.

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