Is Karate Good For Your Child? Kids Martial Arts at SBG Kalispell

As a kid growing up in the 80s, Karate became well-known thanks to The Karate Kid. With the reboot, Cobra Kai, Karate is once again popular in mainstream culture. Cobra Kai has fans nostalgic for a story and characters that they loved as kids.

The downside of Karate is that, like Taekwondo, it relies heavily on punching, kicking, knee strikes, and elbow strikes. Punching and kicking come naturally to kids. Because they see it on mainstream media, they associate it with fighting. However, the results of these techniques can be harmful and devastating. They can result in cuts, sprains, and even concussions, things that no parent or educator wants on the school playground. These shouldn’t be strategies we teach children to deal with conflict.

The benefits of a kids BJJ program are that it teaches kids to deal with uncomfortable situations and gives them the tools to safely handle them. If an aggressor punches, kicks, or pins them down, kids trained in BJJ can control their opponent and defend themselves without doing any harm. They learn how to subdue their aggressor and de-escalate the situation without injury.

SBG Kalispell – Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program (BJJ)

Our Growing Gorillas Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program gives children the benefits of discipline, confidence, perseverance, and respect. With these skills, Growing Gorillas become leaders and role models both on and off the mats.

There may. on jiu jitsu movie featuring a new kid defeating the high school bully and winning the heart of his crush, but our coaches dedicate themselves to raising strong, confident kids. We offer families a high-quality kids martial arts program that benefits kids of all ages and abilities.

If you want a kids program that teaches their child confidence, discipline, and respect while learning to protect themselves, you have the right idea. Simply fill out the form below and get your child on the path to success!

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