Is Aikido Good For Self-Defense? Martial Arts at SBG Kalispell

Thanks to Steven Segal movies from the 80s and 90s, Aikido is a part of mainstream culture and has become appealing to many people. When people think of martial arts for fight and self-defense, Aikido often comes to mind. However, like most fight scenes  you see in movies and on TV, the martial arts is choreographed.

Aikido is an art form not unlike salsa or ballroom dance. It’s beautiful to watch experienced practitioners demonstrate the movements. Applied to self-defense or fighting in real-life, it loses its effectiveness.

There may not be any movies that glorify Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, events such as the UFC and mixed martial arts competitions have brought BJJ to the forefront of martial arts.

While Aikido is an elegant art form and entertaining to watch in movies and TV shows, it doesn’t hold up in real-life fighting situations.

In the early days of the UFC, the martial arts that we grew up with, such as Aikido, Karate, and Kung Fu, lost all credibility. When put under the pressure of real-life fighting situations, these styles didn’t hold up. From the first UFC until now, BJJ holds up as one of the most effective martial arts for fighting.

The one thing that current UFC champions all have in common is that they’re at the BJJ black belt level. Regardless of their stand-up or wrestling skills, they all need to be proficient in BJJ to be successful fighters.

Our top-level coaches at SBG gyms across the globe have practiced and refined these techniques so that we can proved high-quality self-defense training for our students. Our beginner-friendly program makes jiu jitsu fun for men, women, and children of all abilities.

If you want to protect yourself, BJJ is the best martial arts for self-defense. To start your journey to greater fitness and confidence, fill out the form below!

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